Our Woodland Fairy Party

October 20, 2012

Last month we celebrated Amanda’s 8th Birthday. Amanda is kind, bright and a delight to be with. Matt and I take little credit for her outcome thus far. This parenthood thing is all trial and error – we are honestly winging it day by day! She makes our jobs easy and we are so proud of the little person she is becoming.
 This year, Amanda requested a “Fairy Party”. Not being of the pink-frilly-type, I immediately started scheming on how we could move this theme away from the typical store-bought-glittery-sweet event to something that suited Amanda (and her mom/ party planner) a bit more. One of Amanda’s favorite pastimes is building back-yard fairy houses. Inspired by Tracy Kane’s book, “Fairy Houses”, Amanda builds fairy houses in hopes of attracting forest critters and fairies. In line with the story’s teaching, she uses only natural, found materials. Amanda and friends spend hours constructing these delicate leaf and twig structures – complete with treasures such as “leaf tacos” for the hungry fairies and elves that may take shelter amongst the tiny homes.

With this idea in mind, Amanda and I put on A Woodland Fairy Party for 5 of her dearest friends and of course her brother and sister. We devised a fairy-themed menu that included Fairy Berries, Lady-bug Apples, Gnome-made Granola, Pixie Pop and Toad Stool Cake. Each child crafted take-home versions of fairy houses using terra-cotta pots, leaves, twigs, flowers and moss. The houses turned out darling!! The children were so creative – devising little door bells and porch over-hangs and soft beds for the fairies.
 The party was so much fun to plan and give – and the little terra-cotta fairy houses that we made are holding up well in the garden. A few rolly-pollies have been found amongst the houses – if only we could catch a real fairy!



2 Responses to “Our Woodland Fairy Party”

  1. kathy Says:

    Glad you put this up the pics are great! But really 12:30 a.m. Go to bed.

  2. Susan Says:

    Thank you for including Grace in this wonderful woodland fairy party. Amanda and Grace are long time expert fairy hunters and leave out many lovely houses for the fairies of Alameda. The fairies are so fortunate to have such creative house builders and a very talented mom who can throw such special parties.

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