March 28, 2011

A Kindergarten Cupcake Collage

In my eagerness to be mommy extraordinaire, I maybe over-extended myself a bit this year.  I admit it.   I got  excited about all of the volunteer opportunities that presented themselves at Amanda’s school – Art Docent, Garden Docent, Art Reflections, Teacher Appreciation Lunches, Class Parties…and signed-up for…well…a couple of things.   My brother-in-law (a former elementary school teacher) had warned me that there would be MANY opportunities to contribute and I should be careful about over-committing.  I don’t know what  part of my charming (wink) personality gave me away as an over-achieving-yes-mom…but he had me completely figured out.

Honestly, my volunteer  experiences — if not a bit hectic — have been fantastic.  I’ve meet many wonderful parents who are incredibly generous with their time and talents.  It’s been inspiring to see care-givers (not just moms but dads, grandparents, nannies, aunts, uncles) work together to  facilitate so many activities and experiences for our children, especially as public school budgets continue to shrink.  As I  prepare to return to the workforce I realize my day-to-day involvement will wane.  I feel very fortunate to have had  this time to get involved…not all parents are afforded this opportunity.

I  am excited and proud to share with you my favorite contribution to-date – a collaborative art project that several other Art Docent volunteers and I recently completed with Amanda’s kindergarten class.  Our  task was to work with the children in Mrs. Sivila’s kindergarten class to create a work of art that would be auctioned at the PTA’s annual Edison Elementary Gala Benefit and Auction.  It wasn’t  until after I accepted the request to lead this project, that I learned bidding for projects *start* at $250! And many pieces garner several hundred more by night’s end…PRESSURE!

But  so much fun!  I came up with the idea of  having a giant cake pedestal filled with paper cupcakes – each kindergartener contributing his or her own cupcake to the masterpiece.  Over brunch and coffee one Sunday (and wine & pizza one Friday) we – Heather, Susan, Rebecca and I – hatched a  plan.  The children would use tissue paper, crepe paper, beads, glitter, found objects and LOADS of imagination to create the most colorful, whimsical cupcakes you’ve ever seen!

I absolutely loved seeing the kids tackle  this project – they were truly inspired, worked intensely, used copious amounts of glue and…oh…the glitter.  Kindergartners and glitter…they are creatures possessed!

We  were all thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait to show the children their masterpiece.  Next Saturday is the big  auction…hoping our piece brings big numbers at auction!


4 Responses to “Kinder-Cakes”

  1. Matt McG Says:

    Be sure to click on that thing to blow it up. You may get some virtual glitter on your finger but it looks awesome.

  2. pam gennow Says:

    Kimmey, This is wonderful, I would love to have it hanging on my wall. I am going to forward it to Erin, she will really appreciate the art the children produced. She is into cupcakes. Besides, it will help prepare her for the future.
    I been there, it is hard not to get in over your head, but as you say. This is a chance of a lifetime. You are doing such a good job of it.
    The items from the baby shower were darling, Thanks
    Always, Pam and Steve Gennow

  3. Carrie-Ann Says:

    OMG! I thought I was mom of the year! You have me beat. Not that this is a competition. 🙂

    Truly, you are so talented, Kim. Amazing. Amanda will always remember that you used to go to Kindergarten and help. I am so happpy for you that you have had this time with the kids.

    Wish I could bid on this creation myself. Ah, we have our own art fair in 4 weeks. Last year Jerry and I were the big donors and bought the quilt that Eric’s class made (I had helped the kids design their squares, so I just HAD to have it). This year, no idea what is being made. Of course our bidding starts at a measly $20.

    Love ya!

  4. Rose Says:

    Kimmie!!! I’ve got an idea for a show for you and it’s called “Beyond Martha…” What a wonderful project! It looks very cool. I hope it sells for a bundle!

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