Chinese New Year

February 26, 2011

Chinese New Year is a big deal here in the Bay Area.  The kids talk
about it at school, there are festivals, parades, special exhibits at the
museums.  I don’t remember it being a big
thing growing up in Southern California. Did I miss something?

Chinese New Year Eve (who knew there was such a thing!) was a GREAT excuse to get Chinese Take-out one
night when I just couldn’t be bothered to cook.
And this past weekend it proved to be a great rainy-day craft inspiration.  We were all cooped up over a long President’s
Day weekend – let me re-phrase that – a LOOONG RAINY WET COLD President’s Day
weekend.  Softball practice was cancelled, the backyard a huge mud-pit, mom, dad, kids were all getting a bit
antsy.  So what to do?
Bake?  Nah.
Don’t need the calories.
Games?  Nope. Just not patient enough with the kiddy games.
I know!  Time to whip out the crafts!
You knew it would come to this, didn’t you?
Check out these Chinese Dragons we made with egg-crates.  We had
so much fun! I think I could get into this Chinese New Year thing.  Next year I think I’ll get some of those
shiny little red envelopes – so fun! I’m so easily amused.

2 Responses to “Chinese New Year”

  1. pam gennow Says:

    This is outstanding creativity on your part Kimmie. You are such a good mom and dad team. Those rainey weekends can be trying. That’s for sure.


    Pam and Syevie

  2. Rose Says:

    you make me hungry for dim sum…! what a super cool craft!

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