An Old-Fashioned Garden Party – Amanda’s 6th Birthday

October 10, 2010

For her 6th birthday, Amanda decided she wanted to have an “Old Fashioned Garden Party”.  This theme was inspired by a special program she attended this summer at the Baldwin Estate at Lake Tahoe.  While at the Baldwin Estate, Amanda learned what it was like to be a child growing up in the 1920’s.  With the aid of both a nanny AND a maid, she decorated her own hat, learned the etiquette of Gatsby era children and attended a garden party in a fancy gazebo.  The girls ate cookies and drank lemonade…they even played croquet.  The day certainly made an impression on her!

At our Birthday Garden Party, Amanda greeted her girlfriends with a curtsy.  We sat on the lawn and decorated straw hats with flowers and ribbon. We served lemonade (pink of course!) and ate tea sandwiches.  We didn’t have a nanny or a maid…although one could argue that I play both roles on a daily basis (wink).

I made a cake for the occasion – a square chocolate layer cake.  I had my first experience with fondant – which was pretty fun.  I’ve never liked eating fondant, but I really like way it looks – adds a really graphic quality to the decoration.  I frosted the cake with a typical butter cream, but then adorned the top with daisies and ladybugs made of fondant. 



3 Responses to “An Old-Fashioned Garden Party – Amanda’s 6th Birthday”

  1. Rose Says:

    Kimmie – what a great party — very Martha Stewartesque! Looks like all the gals had a very lovely time. I can always count on you for a great recipe — the egg, asparagus, chicken breakfast casserole and now the oatmeal bars! If only you were here to just make them for me!! 🙂

  2. pam gennow Says:

    LOVED it. every bit of it. so cute and old fashioned. i don’t know many moms capable of putting on a dream like this. she ill remember this for ever.


    pam gennow

  3. Carrie-Ann Says:

    I finally checked in again, and WOW, so much has gone on in the land of the McGowans. I totally agree with Rose that Amanda’s party looks like it came out of the pages of a Martha Stewart mag. Very chic. When you have all boys like me, you throw Superman parties; now I know what I could be doing if I had a girl. (sigh)
    Loved the granola recipes too. Love the photos of everything the most. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I LOOOOOVE Ina too!

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