Back to the drawing board!

August 12, 2010

Dare I say the hiatus is over? After many months of non-blogging (ha! ’cause I was super prolific before!) I’m ready to start recording my creative doings and musings once again.

Let me start by saying this: Phew! That was a long pregnancy! But even through the nausea, perinatal depression (yes, it can happen during instead of after) and the general discomfort of growing a human being, I realize I did manage to try out new recipes, do some creative stuff with the kids, dig in the garden and even took a few painting classes. Time and time again, I find that it’s the creative stuff – whether in the kitchen, at the sewing machine or with a sketchbook – that keeps my spirits up and makes me feel rejuvenated when I get stuck in a rut. 

Before I start posting about the stuff my studio assistants (Amanda & Reed) and I have been doing over the last months,  I leave you with this photo…one of my top three BEST creations…Lily Annalise!  A masterpiece, if I do say so myself!

Lily smiles!


2 Responses to “Back to the drawing board!”

  1. Carrie-Ann Says:

    Lily is soooo cute! I love the photo. I will say that I have missed the blogging. Nice to see you try again. Hope you had a good vacation.

  2. Romina Says:

    good thing i still check this! Lily is a sweetie!

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