Wine and Cupcakes?

March 9, 2010

Wine…love it. 

Cupcakes…can’t get enough.

But the two of them paired together?  I wasn’t sure about this – would it be really fun or really gimmicky?  When my dear friend Anne scheduled this event at the Saarloos & Sons Tasting Room in Los Olivos, CA  for our group of friends off for a weekend without husbands, kids, dogs or responsibility — I was just glad our Anne had the gumption to do some research and make a plan.  All I’d done to plan for the “girls’ weekend” was to think past yoga pants and pack my new stylin’ jeans from Target’s maternity section (I know, sad.) And really…who could go wrong with wine & cupcakes?

The truth is…this group of girls (ok – women) would have fun no matter where we went together…its just that sort of friendship.  We’ve known one another since the days of elementary school — when cupcakes were something that came out of a Duncan Hines box (not a trendy gourmet item) and wine was something our parents drank.  So after kinda-sorta sleeping in, we headed into the Santa Ynez Valley inland from Santa Barbara through the rain-soaked roads to Los Olivos.  What a quaint little town!  Complete with antique shops, boutiques, nice restaurants, coffee shops…and of course, tasting rooms.  And it must have been meant to be…because the rain stopped right as we arrived in town.

We popped into a couple of shops and did a tasting at Byron.  We had a lovely lunch at Los Olivos Cafe and then headed over to Saarloos & Sons Tasting Room for our wine & cupcake pairings.  I loved the design of this place — it was fresh and hip, yet comfortable and homey.  We had a great time trying wines (which were fantastic!) and enjoying the mini-gourmet cupcakes, prepared by Enjoy Cupcakes (who, by the way, operate out of a vintage trailer!).  And its funny…the cupcakes and wine honestly went well together!?  Who knew! 

So what could be better than wine and cupcakes?  Nothing —  except life-long best friends spending the day together.



3 Responses to “Wine and Cupcakes?”

  1. jgal03 Says:

    you girls always have the best plans! everything looks divine and hello with the silhouette wallpaper?!! awesome.

  2. Romina Says:

    great pics Kimmy! well, maybe except that one of my weird, freaky, (tipsy?) face.

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