Apples for Anne

September 20, 2009

P9190286I love to use my dining room table or sideboard as a “stage” for a seasonal display or vignette.  Two of my closest friends (Anne & Jessica) jokingly call me “the vignette lady”. cites several definitions of the word “vignette”;  my favorite being: “any small, pleasing picture or view”.    Anne suggested I do a monthly vignette and post it on my blog — great idea, Anne!  This is my vignette for September…an apple theme lovingly dedicated to Anne!

The onset of September brings with it Indian Summer here in the Bay Area — the weather is still quite warm and the chill of Autumn won’t arrive for several weeks yet.  Regardless,  it is in September that my mind starts to wander towards the coming crisp Autumn days when stews and apple pies will be appropriate fare. 

My mother-in-law was kind enough to collect these wonderful little crab apples from her backyard tree for my September display .  The crisp green color of these apples set against our dark wood table provides wonderful contrast.  And I just love the whimiscal little stems that stand straight-up at attention.  

Crab apples are reportedley very sour and tart, similar to a lemon, and are not often eaten raw or alone but rather used to add complexity to chutneys and ciders.  The juice of the crabapple can be used to make a “crabapple jelly” which is described as “ruby” in color and can be spread on toast or scones.  Hmm.  That color description alone (I’m a bit color obsessed) is enough to make me want to try making a batch.  And making a batch of crabapple jelly would, of course, require me to make a batch of scones to spread the jelly on…and well…you can see where this is leading.

P9190298   P9190305P9190322


5 Responses to “Apples for Anne”

  1. Jessica Says:

    ooh, love the picture of all the apples in a row! the number one reason why i could never do a vignette like this: i would just worry the apples would go bad. i’m pretty sure it’s just an excuse though!

  2. Anne Says:

    I love the stems on the crabapples too!

    If I ask mom for her scones recipe, would that incentivize you to make the jelly? I’m happy to be a taste tester!

  3. Carrie-Ann Says:

    Oh, Kimmy, I am so impressed that Amanda would not eat your vignette! Eric and Ben would definitely want to eat the display and once they realized that the taste was not up to par, they would play with the crabapples, I am sure.

    I love the pix. You use colors: I use scents. Candle season is here again…yay!

  4. Daalia Says:


    I love that you use your dining table as a stage for your vignettes rather than a storage area for mail, random toys and all other junk that should have a better home. I don’t do that of course. I just have “friends” who do….

    Beautiful pictures.

  5. Romina Says:

    Just lovely. Apples are indeed the quintessential sign of fall. Now you have to make the jelly and scones and post about it all.

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