Jewelry Display Box

July 13, 2009

I can’t believe its been a whole month since my last post…didn’t I say this would happen? 

So far, this has proven to be more of a food blog than anything else — I guess should have called it Brown Owl Kitchen!  Today’s post, however is more of a studio-ish thing, so here goes.


P7083151As many of you know, I love a good flea market or “antique” store…its the thrill of the hunt!  I bring home my treasure, and most of them hang out in our garage for years until I decide I have time for a little project.  That’s exactly what happened with this old wooden display box I picked up several years ago.  I found it at a going-out-of-business sale of an antique store in Half Moon Bay.

The inside of the wooden display box had been covered in a 1970’s (?) 1960’s (?) style contact paper.  The hinges were loose and the wood was dry.  But I figured with just a small amount of love, this rickety old box could be a great way to hold all my “worldly possessions” that currently reside in several different jewelry boxes, or more commonly, strewn across my dresser.

I started out by tightening up the hinges, rubbing down the wood with mineral oil and cleaning out the inside.  I bought a piece 1/8-inch foam core board and hunk of fabric and some spray-adhesive.  I cut the foam-core to fit snuggly inside the box and covered the board with the fabric, affixing it with the spray adhesive.   Then I organized my jewelry in little dishes and stacks – and voila!  My dresser is now tidy and I can find what I’m looking for easily. 

This little project only took me about half-hour (or 3-years and 30 minutes if you count the time my treasure sat around in my garage collecting dust!).


One Response to “Jewelry Display Box”

  1. Carrie-Ann Says:

    Kimmy, so cool! I love the antique box. You have always been SO creative. I love that it only took you 3 years to get to this project. It makes me feel better that Eric’s scrapbook only goes to his 3rd birthday. Of course, Ben’s is barely started. Yikes.

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